How can I develop PS4,PS3 or XBox games?

As I wrote in the title.......
How can I make a PS3 or a PS4 game???
If I cant then how can I make XBox kinect games???
I already learnt C++ programming.
What device do I even use??
I need a breakthrough or a road map.
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i think xbox games use c#
but you need to apply for Microsofts xna framework
for visual studio

for wii u you have to apply
for a dev kit and i think its possible to use unity
but i don't know what language you would use

i don't know much about playstation
but you would probably have to apply for a Dev kit
but i read a ps3 forum page saying that c++ was
commonly used to make ps3/4 games

but before you get into developing on any games consoles
I'd recommend making pc games first as you dont need to play anything to develope them
you can use just about any programming language and 97% of all programming tutorials(on youtube at least)
are for pc

c++ is mainly for big studios when it comes to console
development as sony Microsoft etc dont want just anyone to do low level programming
that could be a security risk
so for console development c# is mainly used for indie developers

i think if you want to become a indie developer make games
for pc its much less restricting and you dont have to pay £2500 for a dev kit
(nintendo's wii u dev kit is £2500!!!)
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what about android games?
Android uses Java, there is a C or C++ API (I can't recall off the top of my head) but it seems to be geared more toward hardware development then applications.

EDIT - Source:
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will this work on I-devices too?
No, most Mac stuff is written with the Objective-C family of languages and I believe their mobile API does as well.
I want to make a game that works on I-devices and android
EDIT - I really want to make a 3D MMO on android and I devices
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That would be Unity then:
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isn't there any engine that renders and supports networking???
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