Am I building or using this library correctly?

This is my first time trying to create a library, but when i am trying to use it on other project, i keep getting the undefined reference error. Can anyone help me to check if I have made any mistake in building this library?

here is the link for the library project file:

Probably I also made some stupid mistakes in the program using the library, here is the program project file:

I am using window 8, codeblock 12.11

The link setting i set on my computer didn't get saved in the upload file...

In the CMIT2 file, i set the following setting:
build option->search directory tab-> complier tab-> i set the address to the e:\myType
build option->search directory tab-> linker tab-> i set to the same destination as the previous one, because both my .h and .a files at the same folder.

And under
build option-> linker setting tab-> i add the following library:-> E:\myType\libmyType.a
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Ah i see, thanks very much, never learn that before.
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