Want to say Hello

Well im craig 28 from essex in england im mainly a roadside mechanic Fixing cars not code so any advise on cars im ur man and well help how ever i can

i started over a year ago with c++ and direct x for a uni course but as i now learning graphics and left programming behind , i wana be able to make small helpful programs

issue is i have no friends that program in c++ so that makes it hard to find help

i wana learn how to make most out of api's and windows (non direct x)

also talking about direct x will be great as that's a bit of a pain in the ass

i started 4-5 years ago and made a script in ahk and i was amazed i automated my job speeding up editing my jobs and clearing down saving 5 min on each job (code conversion and moving text) also auto dismissing pop up boxs and recording this so i can easily overview them if i needed to .

in future i wana make games but need to make updater ect

Project list :

Garage Manger Assist (Rewrite) AHK
Trouble in terrorist town stand alone ( Unity 3d )
Auto Wifi ( c++ ) " auto log in to WiFi hot spots and sign in" (reason why im here )

will be great to hear from you and hopefully learn stuff so feel free to message me or email / skype

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