Need guidance for C++ and more...

Hello everyone,
I really want to jump in C++ and begin programming with that powerful and beautiful language. But first I need to learn how to use it. I'm not a total beginner. I have basic knowledge in algorithms (from very simple algorithms to arrays and functions) and programming with python. I have the luck(?)to own this book from Herbert Schildt : "C++ from the ground up" 3rd edition, but I am not quite sure that this is the right one for me(I think it's a bit old).So can you suggest me any books which I can use? Also, I wanted to know if I could use C++ to work with Arduino or should I learn C from the beggining to do that.

Thanks a lot for your time...

Owning a Schildt book is bad luck.. There's a list of good books at
I recommend the book "C++ Primer", currently on Chapter 5 and breezing by. However I have 1 year prior experience with Java which is helping me out.
Thanks a lot for your replies!!! I find "C++ Primer" a very interesting book, but the 1k pages is a thing that literally frightens me... I have also seen this book "Jump in C++". What's your opinion about that?
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