2 consoles open with one program

So i am working on a simple game that is made in the console. it is an rpg. the character is an @ sign and trees are T and stuff like that. i have most all of the game engine complete and will be working on content soon.

to go along with the game i have a simple little side program that gives a level up guide and a items database.

but the thing is that they are separate programs. I was wondering how i could have them both open at once. when you run the game the guide opens as well

a simple solution i have come to using is just write a batch file that says:

start Game.exe
start Level_Up.exe

and then it opens both of the consoles together.

start Game.exe
start Level_Up.exe

and then i sent it to my desktop as a shortcut so that i could put an icon to it. is that about what i should do? i cant find other solutions online.

Thanks for the help!

Ok so i changed it to this:


start Game.lnk
start Level_Up.lnk

My reasoning behind doing this was i sent the two exe files to a new folder as shortcuts. and then made the change to the batch file and sent it to my desktop. now i can make changes to the program and it will still be applied to the shortcut on my desktop.

I sort of solved this on my own. i would still like some feedback though. is there a better way to do this?
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