Creating a GUI application with c++?

Hello. I was wondering if it was possible to create GUI applications with C++. I heard it was possible with something called QT but I know nothing about that. .. The end goal would be to create an application that users would be able to upload a file with their functions then while programming it would sort of "auto-complete" their function when typed. Sort of like visual studio, but the language I will be doing this for is different. In school all I've learned so far is how to create functions, classes, and how to use them to do certain things. I want to start making applications though.

Where do I begin to learn about making C++ GUIs? Is there a better language to do this with than c++?
Is QT my only option? :O
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As a warning: you are taking a very large leap from your current knowledge, GUI programming will most likely catch you and leave you very confused without a good understanding of C++.

I recommend you make sure you an understanding of the advanced C++ concepts and OOP programming before jumping into graphical development.

That being said, QT is a very powerful tool for writing GUI's. You also have other libraries that are capable of writing GUI's such as SFML
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There is also wxWidgets:
and MFC of you're using MS.
as far as i know, MFC and CLR (or the old win32)... but, i prefer MFC instead CLR, personally...
@Needstep, you are correct. I took about 3 hours trying to learn QT and am very lost.. Going to back up for now and go look at other c++ things.
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