Using Opengl to draw 2 rectangles

I am a complete beginner and I was wondering how easy it would be to draw 2 simple rectangles in opengl and having them move up, down, left and right?

It is pretty simple to do, but it takes a decent amount of work though. Not really sure how to explain how difficult it is, though.

If you are thinking about learning it, here are some good tutorials:

You will need to know some kind of advanced math to do it. Well, at least advanced to me. Matrices, Vectors, etc..
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OpenGL provides methods for drawing rectangles:

Moving them is just a matter of taking input from the user, and adjusting the position of the rectangles.

It's a pretty simple task, though there will be a lot of boilerplate you'll need to write first.
^ Much better explanation.
Wow, thank you so much this is better than I expected! Thank both of you for your help :)
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