How would I go about on creating a image converter?

So I'm slightly new to c++, been coding in it for about a year now, and I was wondering if it's possible, and if so how, can I create a converter that will convert a PNG, or any other file type, to a jpeg?
if you have written a code post it along with your ideas and hints
sorry for the late reply, but I haven't written any code for it yet..
You're in over your head.

Why not just use an existing library to do that, like ImageMagick or IrfanView?

(Reading and writing images is not simple, and each type of image that you intend to support needs its own reader and writer.)
I'm looking into doing it myself because eventually I want to create a music converter to convert a mp4 to a mp3. But I was told to practice image converting first..
Some idiot thinks he knows how to get you going by wasting your time.

The learning curve for playing with binary files is the same no matter what the file type. If you want to play with music files, go play with music files.

By the way, there exist libraries that can help with that as well. (Heck, I think you can even get Windows to do it for you... I don't know how, though.)
Okay thanks, I was thinking there was already existing libraries out there that I could use to help me with this. Thanks for the help, I'll comment back here if I need any help.
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