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Hello, programmers and programmers a like, I'm kinda of fairly new to this website and c++ it's self, I've done a little programing in Python , and a gaming style website called byond, pretty basic crap so I can easily understand the basics of c++ thankfully, but I would like to understand a few things, one is how to navigate a little more smoothly on this website to find things I'm looking for, also would like to know what things I will need to run programs I create ( I know the build compile stuff, I mean) if I were to give my program to a random person would they need anything to use it? Do I need to write all that in there a compress it in with the file? Those are the things I don't understand, and which software should I use to make light 2d rpg games nothing to massive, but I have other people join assuming I can figure the server stuff , those are also other questions I have but I have seen posts on them, one last question do I need multiple programs to run c++ gaming or can I do it in one program ( I have code block with what ever that came with and download MS visual 2010 (64 bit) idk if it was the right one but I got the website from here that was provide on a forum.

Sorry for posting in the wrong spot of it is, and sorry for any misspelling on my phone typing and has the auto correct.
Generally, no extra programme is needed to run your finished apps. Secondly, you do not need to compress anything. Just learn the language, code compile(+link) and you get your executable(app).

So, if I were to put it somewhere someone else could use the app/program would only need a link to connect it, what about save and loading game types, say something like final fantasy,where it needs a saved state file? Would that be saved in the app where the server is located ? Or would it go to them, cause in general what I'm trying to do is make it whom ever has the files, they will have full access to saves and maybe the game it's self, but not the source code, so which part of the file's' would I need to give to allow this to be run with minor to no difficulty.
for saving information in C++ you gotta learn file handling.It is readily available is fstream.h
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