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I am new to C++ and I have has issues in getting C++ to work with C++. I installed the plug ins and i keep getting a common error. I small "bug" appears on the left and the error says.....

launched failed. could not find binary

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;

int main() {
	cout << "Hello World!!!" << endl; // prints Hello World!!!
	return 0;

I use eclipse for java as well and I would rather use one instead of using multiple IDEs.


You should be able to do c++ in Eclipse though I personally prefer Code::blocks there is also VS express if you are on windows.
I have found that NetBeans to be a very good IDE. I use it at work and at home.
Eclipse should be fine. I've heard there was some extra steps to get c++ working. As giblit mentioned Code::blocks is a really nice ide which works well for C++. If you want something lighter weight, I personally prefer geany.
yeh my instructor recommended using DevC++ or whatever. and honestly its harder for me to learn new things without methods popping up so I can read about them.

Does anyone know the 'extra step' with eclipse? I honestly like it for some reason. I use Visual Studio as well for C# .. But does VSE allow the same syntax that is readable on other programs?

I use and suggest:

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code bloks or microsoft visual studio xpress

I like Qt or KDevelop on Linux.

IMO Linux is the way to go for CS: there is so much quality free stuff (20,000 apps). One could spend an entire lifetime programming in various languages / scripts and not run out of stuff to learn, or lack the technology to do something.

My personal opinion disagrees with the way that Microsoft seems to complicate things some times. I recently tried to do some C++ for AutoDesk Civil 3D: Not only did it have to be compiler specific (VS which I am not really fond of), but it was compiler version specific as well. Then there was the idea of having to link a huge binary library (of a bunch of header files) instead of simply #include relevant header files. Need I mention the lack of examples / tutorials / help to the point where the easiest solution was to use .NET or C#, which I suspect was their alterior motive anyway.

I hope my little rant doesn't cause too much strife, and everyone has an enjoyable day :+)

Did you install CDT plugin for the specific Eclipse release? And setup a working and compatible c++ compiler(mingw or cygwin).

I am going to reinstall the CDT plugin and the compiler Aceix. Thanks.

I have visual studio. So do you think that will matter vs another compiler.
Honestly, my instructor mentioned something about using G++ to compile the programs for grading. Idk what the heck that means


my instructor mentioned something about using G++ to compile the programs for grading. Idk what the heck that means

If that is what your instructor has specified, then that is what you should use. Aceix has given you great advice there.

First realise that there are compilers and Integrated Development Environments (IDE). The VS IDE uses only it's compiler and not anything else.

The thing is there are so many environments IMO that are much better than VS. Specifically in terms of the compiler it uses.

Firstly is compliance with C++11 - VS is way behind others in this respect.

Next is, IDE's like Eclipse, Codeblocks, Qt Creator, KDevelop etc that can use a variety of compilers like gcc (Gnu Complier Collection - g++ for C++ programs), Clang (has beautiful easy to understand error messages, and has been the leader in terms of compliance with C++1y). As I understand it Mingw is a minimal implementation to allow one to use the gcc compiler on Windows, while cygwin is more an emulation of a Linux environment which has all kinds of good stuff(chrisname did an excellent post on this recently) . Personally I don't bother with emulation software, just get an extra HD and install the real thing (A version of Linux) on it. The KDevelop IDE can compile dozens of different languages & scripts, as long as a compiler for that language is installed.

Some compilers are limited to just C & C++ , while others can do multiple languages: gcc can do C, C++, C#, Java, assembler, even various incarnations of Fortran !!

There are versions of Eclipse & CodeBlocks that work on Linux - I have them as well.

Good Luck :+)
Qt Creator is the best IDE :)
Codeblocks with wxwidgets is the way to go I reckon.

All the others are bogged down or deficient in some critical way. Microsoft as always bloats the code and all the others have a great deal of trouble with programming across platforms using GUI windows.
CodeLite is also really good. I just switched to it, and it's amazing on linux. I haven't tried it on Windows (yet).

According to their web site, it also comes with the MinGW compiler. I replaced NetBeans with CodeLite, btw. CodeLite is much much faster, and runs on all the major platforms. It is written in C++, for C++.

I got it from AUR (Arch Linux User Repositories), so mine came with Valgrind (memory test), and, after promptly installing UnitTest++, sterling support for unit testing. It;s highly configurable too.

I also decided to switch from GCC to clang for the exceptional error reporting. :)

I should also mention that CodeLite also supports wxWidgets.
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I am having trouble installing either cygwin or mingw compilers. It just doesn't execute or pop up to install after i double click the executables.

linux is typically easier to develope on: linux comes with GCC, so you don't have to install a compiler. If you intend to stick with windows, more information is required for anyone to help you.
Use DEV-C++

Maybe the Orwell version other than that stay clear of that ancient stuff.
I am using DEV C++. I just want to stick with eclipse, (or one ide that works for C++ and java) . But i find it hard to work with at times (devc++)
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