VC++ OpenGL "glut32.dll" not found

I am trying to run a simple OpenGL program as a "C++ Win32 console application". I have a folder with glut.h, glut32.lib, glut.def glut32.dll and I specify this folder in VC++ project/properties/allconfigurations/(C++ and linker)/additional (include and library) directories. It compiles and links fine but I get a runtime error: glut3.dll not found. Not sure how to fix that problem, and also is there a way to specify a staticly linked executable which will not require any .dll runtime linking? Would glut32.lib be able to provide everything needed for static link?
Windows looks for executables and DLLs, first in the working directory, and then using the PATH environment variable if it can't find anything there. One directory included in that variable is (Windows directory)\system32.
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