Implement Balanced Binary Search Tree with existing STL containers

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So far I know that there is no tree data structure implemented into the STL. Probably there are reasons behind it, which I am not aware of. I need to implement the data structure that is mentioned in the subject. I was wondering if the existing STL containers could be used extensively to achieve the purpose.

Some references/hints would be of great help.

std::map and std::set are usually implemented as balanced binary search trees.
Thanks for the reference. It would be even better if it is possible to visualize the map or set contents as the parent/child relationship of the self-balancing binary search tree.
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I am following the Professional C++ and it says the following:

The STL does not provide any generic tree or graph structures. Although map s and
set s are generally implemented as balanced binary trees, the STL does not expose this
implementation in the interface. If you need a tree or graph structure for something like
writing a parser, you will need to implement your own or find an implementation in another

Is it really true ?
Yes, it is true.
Writing functions that insert into and search for an element in a binary search tree is a common interview question. I had to do this on the whiteboard for my last job... The balancing would be the hardest part, IMO. Give it a shot!
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