Ray mapping inn C++

Hello guys,
Please I can anyone give me suggestion on good e-books or video tutorials, etc where I can learn Ray mapping in C++? I need to learn it for my academic project.

Thanks in advance!
@Thomas1965 sorry but I didnt know it was against the rules to post twice. Anyways, do you have any hints on the subject? Thanks!
Double posts create problems if some people reply to one post, other people reply to other posts.
Also for you it's more hassle to check two treads for answers.

Sorry, no advice. I never came across Ray mapping.
@Thomas1965. Okay, thank you for the information. It is noted. How about 'Ray Tracing' in C++? Have you come across that? Thank you.
Have a look here:

The are quite a few articles on Codeproject.com, but all in C#. Not sure if possible to translate to C++, but have a look anyway.

Why, thank you.
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