How to use char(type) in function

Hello guyz how are u? I have one problem here so let me show it here. As i know char type means 1 character in code and it need ' ' symbols and also I know that if u want more than 1 char symbol u must use an array so here I have seample code and please help me
here is code:

void string(char st[2]){
	cout << "hello world -->" << st << endl;
int main(int argc, char** argv) {

  return 0;

but nothing heppening I have error. Help me if u can

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You have several problems, did you compile your code? If so it would help if you posted the errors generated by your compiler (there should be several).

First in C there is a difference between a string constant and a character constant. A string constant can contain multiple characters and is enclosed within a pair double quotation marks. A character constant can contain only one character and this one character is enclosed within a pair single quotation marks.

Second C++ has a class named string, so it is not recommended that you use "string" as a function or variable name.

Third be careful, a string in C is an array of char terminated with the end of string character, make sure your C-strings have room for this termination character.

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