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I have been learning C++ for about a year on Windows and now I would like to move to Linux. Will this make a difference for my programming ? Sorry for the dumb question , but i am quite inexperienced.
> I would like to move to Linux. Will this make a difference for my programming ?

As far as C++ concerned, no. At least it wouldn't, if you stay with standard C++. To do that:

a. The default C++ compiler shipped with Linux distributions would be an obsolete one with a thoroughly broken library; you would need to install a more recent version of the compiler and library.

b. Compile with all these options (avoid/modify Makefiles that are mainstream amongst the linux crowd):
-std=c++14 -O2 -Wall -Wextra -pedantic-errors

c. Ideally, also install the LLVM tool-chain and library (clang++/libc++) and exercise your code with that.
If you will have to write/maintain a dynamically linked library, then you will learn a difference between Windows and Linux linkers.

There are many Linux distros. They differ on what/how packages (like compilers) are available.
I would highly recommend you to move to Linux.
I had been programming in Windows 7 system for more than 3 years. I tried Linux Ubuntu as a dual operating system, and I was so impressed that within a month, I deleted my Windows OS and my machine was running only on Linux Ubuntu.
Please install it, you get to learn so much in Linux environment.
I've been using Ubuntu Linux for about 2 years now, mainly as a bash and python coder, but only recently started programming in C++. Prior to that I was using various incarnations of Windows.
I am using the same laptop that I had 4 years ago, and Ubuntu Linux is still as fast and consistently boots in the same amount of time. My Windows machine that I bought my wife two years ago, on the other hand, runs like a dog.
Ubuntu Linux is far more flexible environment to do programming with, especially when dealing with open-source software, and much simpler to install other supporting software, like databases, machine learning libraries etc.
It might take you a bit longer to be up and running though. If I was you I would spend a bit of time learning bash as that will help you save a lot of time in the long run.
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