Program Design

I need to create a program design for a program that will read in data from a file, store it in a 2d array, rotate it right and left, and print both. I think I have all or most of what I need to make this program, but I need to do it without coding, it must explain all the data structures and functions that I think I would need, and I would like to know if anyone could provide an example or outline of some sort that I could use to create a program design for this program. I'm somewhat new to coding so I've never actually seen a program design. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advanced.
Hello Rodr1697,

It sounds like what you want is something along the lines of pseudo code or a flow chart. This recent post should help: As one of responses mentions its basically explaining what the program should do in plain words.

Hope that helps,


I did end up doing something similar to pseudo code just in a different format that what I saw, but this should help me out in the future. Much appreciated!
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