student report card and ranking

hello everyone.
i would like to ask all of you. is anyone know any source code that help the user to get a student result with their ranking automatically.
if there anyone know, would u mind share it below.
thanks for ur help
Hello RTsuNa08,
Try a search here. This link should help:

When You have a real question after working o some code post that beck here. This should also help:

And before you post your first code:

PLEASE ALWAYS USE CODE TAGS (the <> formatting button) when posting code.
It makes it easier to read your code and also easier to respond to your post.
Hint: You can edit your post, highlight your code and press the <> formatting button.
You can use the preview button at the bottom to see how it looks.

These links are helpful.

You will find that very few people will write the code for you, but if you search far enough you should find enough to put something together.

Hope that helps,

thank you very much Handy Andy
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