Need a good book for learning oop with c++

I am new to c++.i have programmed in c.
I have to prepare for my semester course of oop with c++ ( not c++ with oop).
The main focus is on OOP rather then the language itself.but i want to get a good grasp on c++ as well( in a short time).
I searched the internet and stumbled upon these 3 books for c++ :-

-programming: principles and practices using c++ 2nd ed (c++14) (also covering a bit of graphics and gui)

-c++ primer 5th ed (c++11)

-accelerated c++ 2nd ed

All of these are quite expensive for me.and i dont want to purchase the older editions which do not cover c++11

They are all great books.but i dont know how good they are with OOP

One last thing.i needed to get a rough idea of i read the tutorialpoints pdf of c++.

Thank you
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About C++ primer:

About -programming: principles and practices using c++ 2nd ed :
IMO, this book is adequate when used in a structured learning environment where you have access to knowledgeable instructors that are willing to assist individuals and can "see" when someone is "lost". However trying to use the book as the primary source to learn to program can be difficult for someone who is unable to properly research problems, and the reliance on forums as primary research apparatus compounds the problems.

Yes modern C++ are expensive.
I thinks it's still a good option to start with
"The C++ Programming language" 3rd ed. by B.Stroustrup
"The STL Library" 1st. ed by Nicolai Josuttis
Once you have mastered them yuo should be able to learn C++11 / C++14 from tutorials - or maybe the new books are cheaper by then.

I think there are no new books about OOP in C++ so you have to stick with tutorials.

The problem with this approach is that many focus too much on the language and not so much on the concept and how to apply them in real apps.

I learned most of OOP through a Java book called "Objects first with Java" where all examples are complete projects - like calculator, RPG game, prey-predator simulation...
Once you know the concepts you can apply them in almost any language.

Well I personally learned both C++ and Java (I can't remember the reason that would actually make me want to program in java, but at some misguided point in my life I did) Through the Sam's Teach yourself ___ in 24 Hours series. I bought both books for around $40 CAD, which is a pretty good price for a programming book. Alternatively you could just find an online guide, some are pretty good for free.
Thanks for responding.
How does robert lafore's book compare to the ones i mentioned?
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