Need help with arrays..

I have to make 2 programs with arrays in c++ and i have no idea how.. im learning c++ for 2 weeks now.I'll appreciate all your help :)

In arrays a1, and b1,b2 ... bn the cathetes of rectangular triangle are contained. Write a program for finding the numbers of the triangle with biggest perimeter.
2.There is two-dimensional array A with m rows and n columns. Write a program which cointains new array X , and the value of Xi equals the number of negative elements on i row of A.

I've translated it from bulgarian so sorry if there are any mistakes I'm not a native speaker. :)
It looks a pretty complicated program after just two weeks. Don’t you have any example to start from? Are you sure?
Try to write some code: when you’re stuck, if you’re stuck, ask again.
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