Problem with using libraries


I downloaded Dicom toolkit and followed the instructions (

I created header files by Cmake but for some reason, i cannot use them in the visual studio. I copied header files to my project but i cannot use them. Header files, which I created, includes following code in the beginning of the header files:

#include "dcmtk/dcmimgle/dimoimg.h"
#include "dcmtk/dcmimgle/didispfn.h"
#include "dcmtk/dcmimgle/diutils.h"

However, filenames are just dimoimg.h, diutils.h etc. Not like dcmtk/dcmimgle/dimoimg.h. Maybe that's why I get error : 'dcmtk/dcmimage/diregist.h': No such file or directory

I have been stuck because of this for long time. I don't understand why they are referred inside library files as " #include "dcmtk/config/osconfig.h"

#include "dcmtk/dcmimage/dicoimg.h" and not as "dicoimg.h" because their names are just dicoimg.h for isnatnce. All the library references are red and give error "Cannot open source file "<header file name>.

I REALLY APPRICIATE your help, I just want to proceed with this.
If your #include statement says


then the compiler will look for a directory named dcmtk, and in there look for a directory named dcmimgle, and in there look for a file named dimoimg.h

So wherever your compiler is looking for include files (which probably includes your project directory), create a directory named dcmtk, containing a directory named dcmimgle, containing the file named dimoimg.h
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