Coding a Android Game

Hello guys! I have been working with basic C++ in console for a long time and i know basic of this language. But i need to start a small project and earn some money from it.
Its a bit hard for me but i will try my best. I want to create a basic 2d game for android phone and i dont really know how to start that.
I mean what software should i use to do that . for designs and language to use. (how to connect together)
I will start with main things and then learn more about how language works and start creating more stuf for that game till i arrive what i need. My project is something that can be played to 4 players in one game and my plan is actually to make it famous on my school since i get some views and downloads. so it will get famous after that from my friends and others ... after i get some download and players i will try to monetize it through any website and start earning .

So can you tell me about this project ? What software should i use to start this project. As i told you i am newbie since i have worked just in C++ with basic things
The android stack is (should be) programmed in Java, using the official toolchain.

Read the docs:
Language wise you're going to want to know java. Tools wise you should get Android Studio. Its free and built off of JetBrains intelliJ IDE. I believe there are basic tutorials on the Android studio website and theirs plenty of tutorials online and on youtube.

Android studio:

Java Doc:
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