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Sorry about the basic questions lately I've been taken quite a few steps back to make me a better programmer,so I was wondering what is going on here I looked up the ascii table and if I add 32 to a lower case 'a' it should then be a 'A',but that doesn't seem to be the case so I decided to increment my char by one and it indeed did print 'b' which is what I was what is going on here isn't adding 32 to a lower supposed to turn it into upper instead I get crazy characters printed out

  char test = 'a';
    cout << test << endl;
    cout << test << endl;
    test += 32;
    cout << test << endl;

here is the output

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Take a look at this page:
as you can see, your code has no mistake with the output, it is that you just misunderstood the ASCII table.

PS: the code for "A" is actually the code for "a" -32, not +32 (or +33)

...if I add 32 to a lower case 'a' it should then be a 'A', ...
You actually need to extract 32 from the 'a' :)
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wow your right time for me to take a break if I'm making mistakes like that lol
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