So im a beginner to programming...

... I need some help actually, im actually wanting to start into c++ programming first but i dont know what or how to start learning. Are there any books or any type of material that i should know in order to understand c++?
Yes, but you can start with
Very often this book gets recommended:

Why do you want to learn C++ ? What kind of programs do you want to write ?
Tbh im actually a fresh grad from secondary, i have no idea wut im doing rn but im into programming and the first thing with programming that was mostly talked (from what i saw anyways) is c++.

I wanna create a game or at least know what programming language i know just in case if there are opportunities that i can use the language on.
Creating a game is a very complex process, that ofcourse if you mean 2d/3d games. While you learn c++ it is very easy to learn making simple text line games ( i am still doing that a lot to make me better ). like guess the word or tic-tac-toe. Personally i once bought a book on c++ and hardly read it because it is for me a bad way to learn it, but if you like reading books to learn then thomas already had a great suggestion!

I am still a beginner and it takes a lot of work and time to get better ( i hope i will get better one day ) but i think programming ( and c++ ) are a lot of fun!

Good luck on your journey!
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