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Hi guys! I just had a quick question for any experienced programmers out there, I have been stumped for the last few days trying to figure out what to do next. See I have read through the entire tutorial on C++ on this site. I have also read "Sam's Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days". Both the tutorial and the book contained about the same general basic knowledge of C++ however I find myself not knowing what to do with the little knowledge I've gained from this site and the book. For instance how do I learn all the functions and how they work and what they do for the SDL library for? What programs can I actually make that would use pointer to point to memory addresses? I want to know how I can actually learn to program other than the basics...
You can create a program that reads from data from and input file, such as a name and age of a person, and store it inside a link list (using pointers).
Right, I get that, but what can I really make from my basic knowledge? like I just want know what's the best way to further my understanding and maybe finding some good practice programs to make?
Why don't you learn GUI or graphics programming ?
Creating games or some apps can be fun.
In your post you mentioned SDL so don't you learn it?

Why would you want to mess around with pointers if you don't have to?
Pointers are rarely needed in modern C++ - unless you want to write your own version of the STL, which is a task for experts.
You can just make a text based jrpg-game that has a save and load feature. Your game should be using inheritance, polymorphism, and encapsulation, as these are the main things you should really focus on.

For example, you can make an a abstract class named 'monster' and create derived classes of the 'monster' class to create enemies.
Thank you Thomas1965, I didn't even know what to be learning. I had been trying to use the SDL libraries, yes, but I cant seem to get the libraries to work with any IDE ive tried... All I know is that a lot of games are made with c++ so I figured that's what I should be learning. Whats the best way to learn GUI or graphics programming to make games? Im a super noob. Is there some good books you could recommend that would go very indepth and help me really understand how making games from scratch works? Thanks very much for your help!
Well, learning games/graphics programming is all good and nice but to step up maybe you could also try to read the more advanced texts e.g the 'Effective' series or even the freaking standard ( https://isocpp.org/std/the-standard ) or visit Github to look at what people are doing with C++ beside write games (link: https://github.com/trending/c++ )
All I know is that a lot of games are made with c++ so I figured that's what I should be learning
Not necessarily, many games are made with Unity.

If you want C++ a good starting point for games on Windows platform is
though it's a bit old.

For GUI programming you can have a look at C++Builder:
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