Finding input in textfiles!

We are making a program where we input a name, social security number, salary, month for that salary and year. We are trying to search in a textfile by inputing the social security number and getting back the name we input, ssn, salary, month and year. If someone could help us with this problem it would be great.
Give us what you have right now and we may be able to help. Psuedocode is helpful. Describe what you're having problems with.
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It is a very long code and it is many different folders using a 3 layered architecture. And it is to long to post here.
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Right now I am trying to print out one employee from the text file by only searching by his social security number. The text file has many different employee's. I don't how i can only input his SSN and get from that his name, ssn, salary, month of that salary and year.
The next problem after that is searching from a certain month and a certain SSN. The only year that is valid in this code is the year 2017 so I don't need to find that.
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