I will learn programming.

Hello, I will like to be good at programming.
So I will ask about how to start. I have never used programming before, but I really wants to learn it. If you know a good site to start, please comment.
A current book is vital, but learning by doing is also critical. Stop after a chapter or even a section and write a little code.

c++ has been around for a long, long time and has changed a lot over that lifespan. There is a lot of free code, examples, tutorials, etc. out there. Many of them are using older styles that you will not want to mimic (but may need to understand from time to time reading it).

c++ is also a big language. Expect to invest a good year learning it. You can do interesting code within a week or two, but don't expect to be a grand master at it in 2 months or something. Take it slow, absorb the lessons.
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Hello Simon,
IMHO this web site is right up there with the best.
Judging from my last post :
and the helpfull answers I received, I found some material to think about.
The tutorial is excellent and the people response to a noob like me is awesome.

Michel Chassey
Thanks Guys, I will try to be good :)
Go look at Bucky's videos: https://thenewboston.com/videos.php

Pick a language and start toying around with it. I recommend starting with C++ so you're familiar with some key low-level concepts, and work your way up to higher-level languages such as python. This way you have a good idea to the limits of their capabilities/bottlenecks, etc. Be curious, do your own mini programs and experiments.
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