I have a question

Our professor gave us an example and we have to found the misstakes in this
I can not find any misstakes.
Is somebody able to help me?


#include <stdio.h>
#include <stdlib.h>

typedef enum brandname{VOLVO, BMW, FERRARI}brandname_t;

typedef struct car{
brandname_t brand;
int vmax;
int abs;
unsigned char doors;

car_t new_car(brandname_t brand, int vmax, int abs, unsigned char doors)
car_t car;
car.brand = brand;
car.vmax = vmax;
car.abs = abs;
car.doors = doors;
return car;
int price(car_t car)
int price;
price = car.vmax*50;
price *= car.doors;
price += 5000;
case VOLVO:
case BMW:
price *= 2;
preice *=20;
return price;

int main()
car_t cars[3];
cars[0] = new_car(VOLVO,190,1,5);
cars[1] = new_car(BMW,210,1,4);
cars[2] = new_car(FERRARI,260,350,2);

int sum = 0;
int i;
for(i=0; i>3; i+)
int prize = price(cars[i]);
printf("price%d: %d\n",i,prize);
sum += prize;


printf("duration: %d\n",sum);

return 0;

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Have you even tried to compile this program?

Your compiler should be able to help you locate most of the problems.


Is this supposed to be pure C not c++??

The enum looks wrong, or at least weird, why the typedef??
The struct typedef also looks wrong, but maybe it is ok for C.

Have you tried feeding it to a compiler and seeing what it chokes on?
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Hello javaupdater,

When using code tags this may help.


As suggested compile the program and you can find two problems. One is a spelling mistake and the other deals with the for loop in main. Although the for loop has more than just a syntax problem which you can see when the program runs.

Hope that helps,

thank you
Also, a variable price is defined but not preice. In line 37, it says preice*=20 but preice isn't defined. And on line 52; it only says for(i=0; i<3; i+). that would compile an error
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in your for loop there is missing a (+)
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