where do i get c++ classes

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I have a number of computers, i.e. PCs, Arduino,Pi, etc. I know basic programming and how objects and classes work. My question is this.

Before starting a project using either an Arduino or Pi or PC, How do I know if a class is available for my I/O device and how well does it work. For example. I want to be able to use a standard USB joystick as an input device. Can I do my project with an Arduino or should I go to a Pi? I assume there is a USB class out there but where do I get it. How do I know if it will do all of the things I want? would hate to invest a lot of time programming an Arduino for example just to find out that I cannot get a USB Joystick to work.

depending on what it is, you can try, in this order..
1 - the platform's sdk/libraries to see if it supports the thing you want.
2 - the platform's forums, to see if the question has been asked before and resolved
3 - google. Unfortunately, some of the things you want may be 3rd party purchaseware. You might get lucky and find a freebie too. Just depends on what it is.

I know Arduino supports usb, but not what specific devices. I am certain you can get a joystick to work with it, but beyond that point.. I don't know about *complicated* joysticks. The advanced, programmable, PC interface top end stuff may be a no-go while a simple plug and play $20 model is likely totally supported. I don't even know what a Pi is.



Quite a nifty little gadget :+)
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