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I created this program but when I output it it outputs random numbers

#include <iostream>

using namespace std;

class Book {
int booknum;
string bookname;
void setbookNum(int x) {
x = booknum;
int getbookNum() {
return booknum;

void setbookName(string b) {
b = bookname;

string getbookName() {
return bookname;

int main()
Book book1;
book1.setbookName("Sherlock Holmes");

cout << book1.getbookNum() << " " << book1.getbookName() << endl;
When you are assigning variables it is the value on the LHS of the = which is set. Thus, in setbookNum() you need
and in setbookName() you need

The application doesn't seem to be one for which having a lot of setters and getters is sensible. After all, we don't usually change the titles of books. Consider setting these member variables in a constructor.

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