C vs C ++ and is it worth it?

I have a question. What programming language should I use, C or C++, and should I even use these programming languages?
My tasks:
Development of applications;
Easy to learn the language and use.
First of all, I want to develop a MUD game server.
I do not want to write code from scratch, I want to use libraries and engines.
Many people do not recommend using C and C++ to use ready-made tools. But I do not see any other solutions.
I need Linux support. I want my server to work on Linux.
C is simpler than C++, but by syntax. It's more difficult to solve problems, but I do not know how this will be when using ready-made tools.
C++ has OOP, but I do not know if my knowledge is sufficient to develop using ready-made tools, if I know the basics, variables, conditions, loops, arrays, pointers, functions, OOP.
In addition to C/C++, I can use Java or Python, but:
Java requires a good knowledge of Java core;
Python has only old solutions.
What can you advise me?
Thanks in advance!
I do not want to write code from scratch, I want to use libraries and engines.

That means you're not choosing between C and C++, you're choosing between DikuMUD/Merc, TinyMUD, LPMud, LambdaMOO, and others, all created a long way before standard C++.

A brief search shows there are C++ MUD engines, but they seem to be either derived from some of the original C ones (so they are basically C programs with bits of C++ here and there), or are some one-man experiments (unless I am missing something major). Since you want to use an engine, rather than write a new experimental one, it sounds like you're limited to C.
(personally, I'd say an experimental C++ engine could be a neat little project, if you're okay with nobody ever using it)
That is, for me it is better C?
My goal is to have a simple solution. The syntax of C is simpler than C++, but I know that it's harder for C development.

one way to look at its that you can write c++ code exactly like C code and it compiles and runs just fine. Its not the modern bestest trendy way to do it, but it works. Then you can use c++ coolness stuff when you need it, grabbing examples here or off google, and you can use Cish code everywhere else.

Its not much of a way to do things, but again, it works and its better than C but worse than learning it and doing it right.

another thought is that if you have seen the awesome code written by some of our members here, you can see that a few lines of c++ can replace a half page or more of C due to all the algorithms and tools provided by the language now. All the pointer mess, all the hand-rolled simple algorithms, a lot of iteration, etc are all so much simpler to code in c++. Its harder to learn; I am struggling with that myself, but once you get there, its a lot less work both in typing and in debugging (seeing as how the provided stuff is debugged already).
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