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I need help :/

According to Good Housekeeping, “water is the most underutilized tool when it comes to your health. From clearing your skin and helping with headaches to giving you an endless supply of energy, simply drinking enough H2O each day can save you a lot of money on skin care products, pain relievers and vitamins.”The question remains is, “How much water is enough?” Your job is to write a program to answer that question. Ask the user for the necessary inputs, then compute and output the number of ounces to the nearest tenth. Use the following steps to compute the answer:
Take your weight (in pounds) and divide that by 2.
2Multiply that number depending on your age:
If you're younger than 30, multiply by 40
If you're between 30 and 55, multiply by 35
If you're older than 55, multiply by 30

Divide that result by 28.3 to obtain ounces of water needed
To account for activity level, you need to add 12 ounces for each 30 minutes of exercise per day
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Need help with what? What have you written so far? You have to start somewhere, start by breaking down the problem and solving those parts.
Please note that this is not a homework site. We won't do your homework for you. The purpose of homework is that you learn by doing. However we are always willing to help solve problems you encountered, correct mistakes you made in your code and answer your questions.

We didn't see your attempts to solve this problem yourself and so we cannot correct mistakes you didn't made and answer questions you didn't ask. To get help you should do something yourself and get real problems with something. If your problem is "I don't understand a thing", then you should go back to basics and study again.

Start by handling the input. What are the "necessary inputs"?
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