Web Form

How to write a web form in c++ cgi?
What exactly do you want to do?
Normally you use C++ CGI to handle form submissions.
The form is normally first send in HTML.
Do you have to do it in C++? PHP would be much easier.
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If I understand your question correctly then the program will have to output every line of HTML code back to the server to be sent to the end user. I am not sure, but I believe a simple "cout" statement should do the trick.

Based on what I have done, which is for personal use, I noticed the the beginning, say down to the "<body>" tag was the same, so I created a file with the HTML code and did a simple read/output of this code. The same concept for the end of the HTML code that was the same.

For me the middle of the HTML code came from reading a file and processing the data into HTML code to create a table.

followed by some "javascript" to make some changes in the HTML code tat was displayed.

I am not sure of a better way to do this, so I would start with creating the HTML code for the page and then wrap the C++ code around the HTML code.

You may also want to start by sending the output to a file that you can use for testing. And later use the find and replace to change the file output to "std::cout" when it is working the way you want.

As a shortcut you could use #define OUT outFile Then when th program is working change "outFile" to "std::cout" and the compiler will make the replacement for you. This way as long as the "cout" statement is all the server needs it makes the program easy to work with.

Hope that helps,

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