Codechef Users here will be Banned

closed account (oGyh7k9E)
This is Anoop Singh from Codechef,

You all are cheating and not following the Codechef code of conduct, we will find your codechef handle through your IP Addresses on this forum and once we did it, we will deactivate your account.We will try our best to do this before the contest ends.

Your IP addresses will be banned for the future purposes as well.

The guy is simply lying.
I agree with tpb - though I would like that this cheating would stop.
I doubt that he could get the Ips from these site.
ASFAIK only law enforcing agencies can demand them.
Of course he can't get the IPs.

It should also be stated that the "closed account" is someone who closed their own account because they were apparently scared away.The cplusplus admin will presumably close "codechedadmin"'s account.

And "Anoop Singh" is the "Arnold Schwarzenegger" of India.
My guess is codechefadmin is a regular user here that just got sick of the low-quality codechefposting.

The cplusplus admin will presumably close "codechedadmin"'s account.

Good joke.
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