all IF statements print please help im new to this.

when I run my program it prints all of the if statements. I think it is the grammar, but I have tried removing the ";" because it ends the If statement and goes to the other one, but it still prints all statements. I know i could use if else e statements but I am trying to do it by just using If.
any hint would be much appreciated, im new to this just started learning a few days ago.

/*Revised 9/2/18*/

#include <stdio.h>

/* function main begins program */
int main (void )
int test_score;
printf( " enter test_score: \n" );
scanf( "%d", &test_score);

if (90<=test_score <= 100) {
printf("You got an A \n");
printf("Fantastic Job");

if (80<=test_score < 90) {
printf("You got a B \n");
printf("Awsome job");

if (70<=test_score < 80) {
printf("You got a C \n");
printf("good job");

if (60<=test_score <70) {
printf("You got a D \n");
printf("Work harder");

if (0<test_score <60) {
printf("You got an F \n");
printf("Get tutoring");

return 0; /* indicates that the program ended successfully */
1) Please use code tags when posting code, to amke it readable:

(2) if (90<=test_score <= 100)
That is not how you write the condition for this. You need to test that:

90 is less than/equal to test_score
test_score is less than/equal to 100
Thank you I did not know about code tags and okay I will look into it.
You're welcome. Hope it helped.
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