Ludo game on c++

I have 1 week guys. I need your help. I am making a game called ludo using c++. These are game instructions. The respective piece will move anticlockwise in boxes. The game will initiate by any player E.g If we throw the dice on the board and 5 comes, the piece will move 5 boxes. I am not getting the logic to move the respective piece on its path.
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is this a console or ui game?
note my code may have errors, I haven't done console c++ in a while, but you can see the basic idea :)

if its a console game to makea random number system just make a variable like:

int randomDiceNo = 1+rand()%5;
int position;

now do all the if statements so FOR EXAMPLE:

if(randomDiceNo == 2)

 position =+ 2;

cout<< "The player has now reached moved to" <<position; 
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So you want our to give you what exactly? An entire code for a ludo game?
Nope! I know there will be use of arrays. Whatever comes on dice will be passed on a function. That function will decide the boxes it moves. But the problem is how will the piece move to upper boxes. The path is like a rectangle. Another problem that each player has 4 pieces. I am not getting the logic. 4 pieces! And its the choice of user to select the piece which are free to move to move along the boxes . So there will be use of switch case.
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how is it going?
I am making a game called ludo using c++.

Where is your C++ source code?

Hard for us to offer advice when we can't see what you have done.
Final semester project in FAST CFD? :P Section C, I suppose.
Well, you won't ever get the whole code, will have to start the work on it yourself and then you could ask for help depending upon different problems you might face.
its been almost two weeks, I hope he/she got on well
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