AI on a device that i need to access

How do i write a program that gives a command to AI on a device in my home.
The A.I is very smart and can understand any command given no matter how it is written.

I would like a program that has a box where i can write something like :

" tell the AI on the device to project an image in front of me "

The program will then find the AI in my room and then give it that commmand and
the AI on the device will execute the command.

does anyone have code for this already?. if not could you show me what it looks like?.

"Find the AI in your room"? What does that mean?
Why do you want to give a command to a program to give a command to another program? Why not give the command to the second program directly?
if your AI is voice activated, you can do this with notepad and text to speech turned on.
so it might look like that.
if your AI is on a wireless network, you might broadcast a message to your network.

No program can 'find' some other device sitting in your room without more details. I mean there are device discovery techniques, but they only work if the device is using the protocol for the discovery. And there is a security layer too, assuming the AI device is protected from the hacker sitting in your driveway.

Basically, we are not there yet. We do not yet have the technology to just do things without knowing some deep details about what we are doing.
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