not able to link two programs

so guys i am trying a lot to link a sound program and a calculating program but i does not work at all i am out of ideas .

what i want to know is how can i link a program with another and guys please reply quick i know that this is a teeny tinny question.
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Why are you not able to link these programs? What exactly does your compiler/linker tell you about the problems?
i dont know if there are key words which can connect them are there?

i mean i have written two normal codes i just do not know how to connect
You're going to need to show your code and then describe exactly what you're trying to accomplish.

wait i got it i have done it i had forgotten that i had to somehow make the codes related to each other i solved\
You haven't really given us much information. You said:

i have written two normal codes i just do not know how to connect

so I assume you have freedom to modify both programs as you choose? If do, you have options:

1) Find some way for the two processes to communicate with each other. This is called inter-process communication. There are lots of different mechanisms to do this - a Google search will tell you about many of them - but the simplest for a beginner is to have one program write information to a file, and the other program read that information out of the file.

2) Refactor one, or both, of your programs so that one program can directly call code in the other. To do this, you'll need to re-organise the program(s) so that you create a library. This library should contain the code that implements the functionality you want both programs to have access to. Then, you link both programs against that library.

If you give us a clear, precise, complete description of your problem, we can maybe give some more specific help.
the answer is in your reply

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