i am at the very very begginning of programming

i just wanna know how to use the graphics and all i just learned about sound i need to make a simple graphic program. it can be a tiny code too i just dont understand how to use graphics . and this too i use a really outdated IDE called turbo c++ 3.2 so bear with me here
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Step 1: Get a better compiler. There are free, modern, high-quality compilers available for all major platforms.
First piece of advice, you're moving too fast if you are at the very VERY beginning.

Second, what operating system? That determines what is required to produce graphics. For example, if you have Windows you probably can't use Turbo C++ for graphics (in fact, it may be difficult with that compiler, but I'm not exactly sure what it is).

The language and the operating system MUST be aligned to each other, otherwise the compiler can't generate the correct output to control graphics (or anything else for that matter).

There are other free compiler tools, but we need to know the operating system to advise.

if you really are on DOS 5 or 6 ish, turbo has some built in examples of using their graphics in their demos. However, anything you 'learn' will be 30 years out of date**

** exception, not 'too' long ago some embedded computers still had a dos-on-a-chip OS. Those may still be supported by a few vendors, though it would still be a decade or more old hardware some of those embedded systems were built to last.

If you know that your IDE is old, why don't you throw it out and get something modern?

C++ does not do "graphics" or "sound". C++ program can supply data/instructions to libraries/engines/frameworks that can generate images for you.

An example of a "framework" that supports some "graphics":

It is quite likely that some other programming language enables production of graphics with less initial effort than C++.
i am looking for new ide but i dont know what i should choose
i use a windows 10
it's actually a windows 10 pro
hey guys i have downloaded Dev c++.
if we put header file dos.h and then use sound(a frequency); then delay(some miliseconds);
and in the end put nosound(); it will emit noise
sound is possible in turbo c++
You are wasting your time with old tools.

Get Microsoft Visual Studio Community.
At Step 4: Choose Workloads, make sure to install the Desktop Development with C++ and click all the checkboxes you can find on the right.

For graphics (video game stuff), I recommend SDL2.

There is a whole lot of stuff on YouTube as well.

Assets can be found online by googling around “free game images” and “free game music” and the like. You can also mess with your own stuff. Some people use MSPaint, but it is worth your time to download and install the GIMP.

Getting started in game development is not hard, but there is a fairly steep learning curve.
Follow tutorials and learn how to use your new tools.
Pretty soon you will be modifying programs to do your own thing, and then writing your own programs from scratch.

Welcome, and good luck!
i got dev c++
Well that advice went right over his head.
dev c++ is fine.

If you want to make sound in that, on windows, you need a library. Sound and graphics are not part of c++, and those ancient tools (turbo or borland anything is 20+ years old now) had it built in because the internet did not yet exist and finding tools for microsoft OS as a student or hobby coder or a kid was challenging. It is not built into most compilers anymore. That is a good thing: you can choose to use opengl, or directx, or whatever fits YOUR needs.

As already said you probably should get some fundamentals first, and come back to graphics and sound. But if you want to take the hard road, when you download a library for graphics and or sound you will get some small demo programs that show you how to do it. Just monkey-see-monkey-do it and you will be able to make some noise etc pretty quickly.
thanks guys it really means a lot to me thanks for the gaming advice mr Duthomas
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