can somebody please explain this c++ shirt

DidnĀ“t You read both descriptions?...
If it was in a program, it would say while variable, object, or enumeration succeed does not equal function try, repeat the loop. However, the syntax doesnt look like C++. but it's sort of close...

by the way, that shirt is pretty funny.
Its a C++ version of the old saying "If at first you don't succeed try, try again."

Or, "while try() didn't equal succeed keep doing it."
Oh alright so it's basically saying if your "try" did not "succeed" go again??

That's what I thought just worded confusingly and got me mixed up. Yeah I wanna buy it ahah.
While you did not succeed

Well, that would SEEM what it says in C++, but since it reads = instead of the equality CHECK (==).
Most people would read it as if success is not equal to try - but the actual C++ test is carried out on the success variable - in other words - if success is not true thengo round the loop again.

It is not actually an equality test between success and the try() .
the actual C++ test is carried out on the success variable
What C++? That's pure C.
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But still valid in C++
try is a reserved keyword in C++
I am so confused, this is a hard shirt this is why I was confused!!

while success = try

since it's not == that means something ridiculous?

or can you please explain what try() does if it's nothing too crazy
It's equivalent to
while (!succeed);
While success, being the result of your trying, fails; keep going.
ok nice that's what i was thinking thanks a lot ^
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