Size of char

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Is is true that char has a different size depending on computer? If yes, could you say, why?

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It is defined, in C++, as being the size of a single addressable lump of memory. By definition, one byte. sizeof(char) will always be one.

However, the size of a byte (i.e. how many bits it contains) is not the same across all systems everywhere. Thanks to various parts of the C++ standard, a char in C++ must be at least 8 bits, but could be larger.

You can read about it here:

All that said, if you're using fairly standard x86 and x64 systems, you don't have to worry about unusual byte sizes.
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In the event that you are on some very unique hardware*, you can use CHAR_BIT defined in <climits> to know how many bits are in a char on your platform.

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