I have just put visual studio on to a new computer and and cannot compile. In the program it acts like it has done it but when I try to run I get no exe file and when I use the command prompt I get 'c++' is not recognized as an internal or external command.

Thanks in advance.

We would otherwise have to see what code you're attempting to use to compile, some notion of the project's target (console application/windows application)...

Where do you expect to find the executable file?

When you get "C++" is not recognized, are you using a command prompt as provided in the Visual Studio menu, called the "Developer Command Prompt"?

Further, for VS2019, the command is "cl", not "c++"

If you elected to install "Clang", then "clang" is the command for that compiler

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Thanks, I have got it now.
I downloaded some extra bits for visual studio and was using the wrong commands.
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