SearchBar Using Xamarin

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protected void Search(StackLayout layout)
SearchBar searchBar = new SearchBar
Placeholder = "Xamarin.Forms Property",

protected override void BuildView(StackLayout layout)



//broken in Xamarin 1.2. Awaiting a fix
Android: () =>
var tbi = new ToolbarItem("Refresh", "", () =>
}, 0, 0);
tbi.Order = ToolbarItemOrder.Secondary; // forces it to appear in menu on Android
if (ToolbarItems.Count == 0)


It breaks when I make a gesture(touch) on the screen it breaks.

This is the exact error which i am facing now. I am using Xamarin Missing method Android.Widget.SearchView::get_InputType() in assembly Mono.Android.dll, referenced in assembly Xamarin.Forms.Platform.Android.dll
Xamarin is C#.

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