passage from Java to C++

Hi guys i started the C++ programming some day ago, I started my programming path with java, (i needed to learn it cause my university required it) but now i would like to learn C++ here is my first question in this forum...

Does exist some tutorials or documentations about the main differences between Java and C++?

P.S. forgive me for my english but i'm italian :P
Something more? (leaving google search...)
Try this at your favorite book store:
C++ for java programmers

Im sure i have seen some books going by that name.
You may also Google for it.
this website has a great tutorial and is a very good reference, however, it isn't targeted at people who come from other programming languages, so it may be better to use the above solution.

hope this helps
When learning to program in a new language it is usually best to forget trying to compare it to other languages.

When learning Java, do things the Java way.
When learning C++, do things the C++ way.

Every language has strengths and weaknesses, and a particular way of thinking about the program. It will just cause problems to try to fit one language's way of thinking on to another.

Hope this helps.
I see...let's try in another way, the best way to learn a programming language is to proceed by example...can you write a function for me?

"write the code of a function C++ that extracts from a matrix an array formed by the elements of the matrix's first line passed by argoment to the function"

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