I want to create some helpful application and don't know how to do it?

Hi, I want to create a GUI application, using Juce library, and do the following,
1. open new project on visual studio on some target location specified by the user,
2. and Add all the links appropriate to the SFML library to that project with SFML files all in the right places.
3. and maybe also some cpp and h files for some initialized state known before.

So that it would be easy for me to open many projects of SFML and don't need to go through the same initialization process needed everytime.
The Juce's Projucer does that for the Juce library, So I thought it would be great to do it using the Juce library for SFML.

But I don't have any clue on how to do it, any help on how should i approach it?
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Why not simply create two or three basic SFML projects and then copy into your solutions as you need them?
Because I want to learn to automate things, also how is that the developers of Juce could do that Why I shouldn't try too? I want to learn stuff like these.
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I mean, there's really nothing special about it. Visual Studio project files are merely XMLs. Presumably the application you mention gets a few strings from the user and then fills those strings into a template project file it has stored internally. I very much doubt it's anything more sophisticated than that.
You could create an SFML project in VS first with all properties set and use it as a template
They are XML based so you should be able to read it.
I too don't think it's too complicated but I still don't know what to do, so you suggest I look into XML stuff, Ok i'll try searching more details...
and then you just open the vs solution file from the app and that's it right?
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There are two parts:
1. GUI with the menu and an OpenFileDialog - Juce code only
2. Logic to create the solution - plain C++ with a XML library

I always start with the simpler task and that's the GUI.

Yes, indeed thanks. i'll look for more information about XML after creating the GUI.
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Ok, so far so good,
I have a JUCE program that opens a directory for save,
now I have looked into the files VS creates, sure it's XML very simple, I have set a template that is appropriately configured with all the SFML stuff, and saw the changes in the ".vcxproj" file, but one thing as I open the file, VS set it automatically to 86x, and I want it to be set by default to 64x, as this is the version of SFML I'm currently configured to, now I need to do some copys from the app and change text in few places in the ".vcxproj" file, and run this file.
Thats all fine, but how I set it to be 64x when I open the ".vcxproj" file? what line I need to change? if It is possible at all, or is it just needed to be done manually and after I save the solution It will be the default? hope I'm understood;
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If I had to guess I'd say Visual Studio chooses the first project configuration it sees while reading the XML, and that it generates new project files putting x86 before x64. Just invert it in your file.
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