how can i get the last bit of a double

how can i get the last bit of a double?
i want to take a "or" operation with it.
double d; //assign to whatever num you want
char lastbit = d & 0x1;
g++ test.cpp                                                       
test.cpp: In function ‘int main(int, char**)’:
test.cpp:10: error: invalid operands of types ‘float’ and ‘int’ to binary ‘operator&’
char lastbit = d & 0x1;

Nice try but it won't work :P You can't use bitwise operators with doubles or floats.
And what do you mean with 'last bit'? Check this out:

The number is 0.15625 but the 'last bit' (the least significant bit of the fraction part) is zero.
Maybe what you want is the last digit.
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