Posting projects on the net

I've built a simple game in Visual Studio C++ that I'd like to post in my blog (hosted by But I'm not sure how to do it, or if I can do it. I ideally Id like them to play it right there in my blog. I thought maybe embedding the actual C++ code behind a flash interface or something. but I dunno I could be very wrong.

I know I can't simply post the code, but I'm not sure where to even start. I tried searching the net and saw someone mention using CGI... but I'm going in circles. Any ideas?
That's not possible. You'll need to use Flash or Java for it to be playable in the browser. It should be possible to create basic games with just JavaScript as well.
CGI is server-side only, so that is of little use to you.
You'll have to put the binaries and data files for download if you want people to be able to play it.
C++ is not designed to make client-side software
A CGI game would be quite inefficient, there are some things like Native Client but it's against the design of the language.
You can either make a downloadable program or use some other language like Java or ActionScript which can be embedded in HTML and ( if the client has the required runtime environments ) run client-side
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