off-line tutorial??

I really love the tutorial on this site, and it's really helped me alot. There's just one problem. i can only get in the internet at my work as there is no internet coonection at my home. is it possible to get an off-line copy of this so i can take it home and use it as i'm programming at home?? I'm really not supposed to use the work computer for anything else but researching my lesson plans <looks around guiltily>.
Can't you save the sites as web archives in html format? If you are using Firefox (the only browser available to me right now), go to File -> Save Site as..., and you'll get a Savefile dialog.
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You can do that. I saved a whole bunch on my flashdrive. I saved this one because I liked how it's broken up. It's like 20 pages though. If you don't have a flash drive the files are small enough to email.
Is Save Site, and Save Page the same thing?

I do not have a Save Site
"Save Page" will help you save each page individual. The tutorial pages are not too many so you can do it for each one.
Does saving in html format mean that the links will connect properly?
i've tried saving individual pages but can't get it to correctly link. How can i edit the links to make it work the way it does here?
BTW thanks for the replies.
Once you have saved the pages to your computer, you ought to be able to change the links in the html files so that they access your local copies of the relevant files instead of the ones stored on the server. It's a bit of work, but it should be possible with a normal text editor of your choice.

I'm not really competent in web site design and/or maintenance, so maybe there's an even easier way to do this.
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thanks toshiro (hope that's right, the names are a little blurred), that's what i thought i'd have to do. bit of a pain but worth it in the end.
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