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I am contemplating learning C++ soon and I was wondering if someone could recommend to me a good IDE/Compiler. I have tried Code::Blocks but it wont work and i can't seem to get VC++
My OS is Windows Vista
Code::Blocks won't work? Did you remember to reconfirm your confirmation while running as Admin in Vista? :P J/K but really from what I've seen of that platform it's going to be painful to program on.

What error do you get with Code::Blocks? Since niether IDE has worked for you I'd imagine we're hitting a different issue then compatibility.
the error is that <iostream> isn't in the directory
and for VC++ it says i need a service pack but i see no sign of the service pack anywhere
oh sorry i should have mention also that it was the expess edition of VC++
I'm not yelling, I'm making sure you read the following

i can't find it i said already and i did what the window said i should and updated my compuer but it still hasn't worked
Right Click on My Computer in your start menu and select Properties Some where on the screen that pops up it will say "Service Pack..." What does that say?

EDIT: Also, are you running as a limited user?

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no i am the admin
Just go to "Windows Update"; the service pack should be available through that.

As for Code::Blocks, did you definitely download and install "Code::Blocks with MinGW" rather than just "Code::Blocks" by itself?
yes it was the binary download with MinGW setup
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I would almost certainly go for Dev-C++. LOL. Just kidding, I don't use, old, and out-of-date software; I use Visual C++ Express 2010.

@Framework Lol, as I read the first half of your post, I was already priming myself to fly into an all encompassing rage XD

I use VCE as well :)
@OP Just in case you didn't realise, don't use DevC++ :p
Go to the Code::Blocks installation folder, then MinGW and see if you can find iostream in there.
ya i've been hearing that is the best alot
@Xander I noticed its a outdated hunk of junk
Hearing DevC++ is the best? Not on here I hope :P
^I think he was referring the VCE, not DevC++. Anyway, VCE is available here:
@Xander nooooo i ment VCE not that DevC++ crap
@firedraco I see - that makes more sense. As for the link, the OP had trouble with a service pack necessary to install it..
java was alot easier to set up haha
There's no reason Code::Blocks wouldn't work if it was set up properly (which is as easy as running the installer).
You probably created a C project instead of a C++ project. If not, post the code you're trying to compile.
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