Want to start windows programming,wxwidgit or built in microsoft visual studio for freelancing

im more or less a novice programmer. im currently doing my bachelors in computer sciences, but i want to start earning some pocket change in a few months. ive completed 1 year so far (2 semisters) of my 4 year(8 semister) course, and about to start my 3rd semister inshAllah. what i have learnt so far is c++, and know more or less all the topics discussed in this sites tutorial ("http://www.cplusplus.com/doc/tutorial/")

like i said, to do some freelancing , i was thinking of starting windows programing. someone suggested i learn a gui toolkit like wxwidgit. but i also found out that microsoft visual studio (which is free) already has built in features for making forms, and windowed program(and could some one tell me what exactly thats called?) and it seems quite simple..

so what i would like to know is that which is the better option between learning wxwidgit or that which is built into microsoft visual studio? which will be more useful, which produces more power applications and more easily, which is in more demand (for small freelance projects and otherwise), etc... any help would really be appreciated.thanks
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