Shortcut Program


I am a new to C++ and was wondering if sombody could giveme some advise or point me in the right direction.

I would like to create a shortcut program, I am a system admin for a company and our users have alot of programs that they need to open. I was looking for a program that i could open in there logon scrips, so on the taskbar of each users pc there is a small icon, next to the time, that once clicked it will open a menu with a list of programs

I know it does sound simple but i am just starting learning programming. Any advise would be appriciated


Adding an icon in the notification bar is operating system dependent, and is probably a bit complicated if you are a beginner.

If you are under Windows, why don't you use the "Quick launch" toolbar of Windows?
I have thought about that, problem being there is maybe 90 pc's and going to each one and setting that up could take a while, not to mention each user will moan with the downtime to do. All the machines are on XP. Is it do able? if so i would love to try. Has anyone got any pointers on the setup?
From memory the shortcuts in the quick launch toolbar in XP were stored in a user folder somewhere, just like the start menu shortcuts. If I were you I'd approach it that way, try to find out where, populate that folder with the shortcuts you need, and then you can quickly copy that onto every computer and or user account that needs it. You could probably even do it remotely.
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